Stay in a massive barrel just like the ones Donkey Kong frequently chucks around.

Happy Video Games Day, gaming fans. What better way to celebrate than by planning a gaming-inspired getaway somewhere in the real world?

This series of properties listed on vacation rental marketplace bear a striking resemblance to locations from Assassin’s Creed, Halo 5 and many other PC, console and mobile games.

These charming spots range from the modest to the elaborate, from a cozy hideaway in the form of a Donkey Kong-style barrel to a massive mansion fit for a Princess Peach.

From the gingerbread house in Martha’s Vineyard that made us think of Candy Crush to the New Zealand farmhouse complete with a hedge maze for those Pac-Man moments, there are great video game-inspired vacations to be had in enough corners of the world to impress Carmen Sandiego.

Check out our picks for video game-inspired retreats in the gallery below.

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