While a two-foot gummy worm may not strike as much fear into your heart as a mighty sand worm, it looks exceptionally more appealing.

Candy company Candy Warehouse created a delicious diorama based on Dune, the cult classic movie based on the book by Frank Herbert.

Image: candy warehouse

The photos show gummy bear citizens of Arrakis marveling at a gummy Paul Atreides (played by Kyle MacLachlan in the movie) who’s riding a ferocious (gummy) sand worm on dunes of yellow sprinkles.

Founder and CEO of Candy Warehouse, Chris Pratt (no, not that Chris Pratt), told Mashable, “we’re a bunch of nerds here, so we goof around in the photo studio as often as possible, making fun candy dioramas.” Read more…

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‘Dune’ recreated with gummy candy looks mighty delicious