A hacking group is claiming it obtained tools that reveal the digital fingerprint of the National Security Agency (NSA). If this turns out to be true, the U.S. security organization’s involvement in cyberattacks across the world could be exposed.

Former NSA employee and current whistleblower Edward Snowden took to Twitter on Tuesday to comment on the recent hack of the Equation Group — a highly sophisticated hacking group widely believed to be linked to the NSA — by the hacking group Shadow Brokers.

If anyone has the expertise to weigh in on a potential hack of the NSA, it’s Snowden. The former NSA employee, who released troves of classified information in 2013, has unique insight into how the organization operates. He believes the hack is a warning from Russia to the U.S. Read more…

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Edward Snowden: Equation Group hack is a warning from Russia to the U.S.