There’s nothing romantic about a gas station. There’s nothing sexy about coughing up a cloud of exhaust every time you open your garage. And even though we love the roar of an engine, there’s nothing glorious about shelling out at the pump.

Gasoline is dirty business

But truth be told, it’s been a necessary evil. Try starting up your car with wind power, or relying on solar cells to power your lawn mower. Not only are alternative energy sources farfetched and impractical, they’re also plain ineffective when you go toe-to-toe with gasoline

That is, until now

Electric power is quickly becoming the gold standard in the energy arena— fossil fuels and otherwise. Nowadays, an all-electric car graces the top of the Consumer Reports list, and we’re even contemplating the thought of running our homes on batteries Read more…

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Electric is the new black: This new tech will make you rethink gas power