LOS ANGELES — In Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, there’s a scene in which the titular character (played by Jim Carrey) realizes he’s kissed a trans woman. His reaction, which was meant to be comedic, was to throw up, use an entire tube of toothpaste to brush his teeth and burn his clothes and throw them in a trash can.

But what happens to the woman — the subject of Ace Ventura’s disgust — after the film’s punchline?

That question is what inspired Her Story, an Emmy-nominated YouTube series about follows two trans women in Los Angeles and their dating experiences.

“The series, specifically its title, came from thinking about those moments throughout TV and films, like Ace Ventura,” Laura Zak, the show’s co-writer and -star, told Mashable in an interview. These trans women become the punchline, and that’s the end of the scene. Instead of that, we kind of wanted to follow that woman…what’s her story, what is her life?” Read more…

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Emmy-nominated ‘Her Story’ explores labels, identity and love in LGBTQ community