“Targets,” the apt title of Sunday’s episode of The Good Wife, pretty much refers to everyone in the episode. Almost every character spends most of the hour worried that someone is coming after them for something, except for Alicia

It’s a weird, busy and paranoid hour that never quite seems to figure itself out and slightly moves some pieces around The Good Wife‘s intricate chessboard

The weirdness starts with Alicia, who is serving on a secret panel of attorneys meant to help the U.S. government find a legal justification for killing an ISIS recruiter, whose location they have for the next two days. This un-Guardians of the Galaxy-like group is composed of Alicia, another civilian lawyer, Capt. Hicks (who we’ve met in previous episodes) and legal representatives from army intelligence, the State Department and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Read more…

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Everyone was a target in a chaotic episode of ‘The Good Wife’