The Good Wife ends as it began—with a slap.

It was clear from the moment Peter’s trial became a plot point that this is where the show was heading. However, I was very surprised by just how much the show decided to mirror the 2009 pilot in the finale, which, I’ll admit, was kind of disappointing. Well, more like alienating. “End,” the very bold series finale, revealed that the viewers and creators Robert and Michelle King have probably been watching two different shows this entire time, and we didn’t even know it.

First, let’s start out with what I loved. For one, I thought the music, as always, was great. Also, “End” was beautifully directed. For example, Alicia sitting alone in the dark offices of Lockhart Gardner was stunning, as was the scene when Eli explains to Peter why donors were being told to give their money to Alicia. The way the camera dollies in on the pair in that moment was powerful. In fact, there were a lot of small moments in this episode that really worked on their own. I just wish the sum were just as good. Read more…

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Everything came full circle in ‘The Good Wife’ series finale