It’s time to pour out a Goblet of Fire in honor of the old Pottermore.

In 2012, J.K. Rowling and a team of supernerds launched Pottermore, a website dedicated to deeper exploration of the Harry Potter series. It was a fascinating mixture of Harry Potter encyclopedia and role-playing games; users were sorted into Hogwarts houses before going through each book, chapter by chapter, learning more about Rowling’s expansive Wizarding World as they collected potion ingredients and gained the ability to engage other “students” in wizard duels

Now, though, that version of Pottermore is… no more. As of Tuesday, it’s been revamped to become a more traditional, text- and photo-based website, one that will focus on “features, articles and news from the Pottermore Team,” as well as new bits and bobs from J.K. Rowling herself. Unlike the old Pottermore, you won’t need a username and password to access the information it contains. Read more…

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Expecto new website: Pottermore gets a dramatic makeover