Is this the North of Westeros, or the American Midwest?

The accents give it away, but looking at the massive tapestry weaved in Fargo‘s Season 2 premiere, the resemblance between Game of Thrones and the FX crime series is hard to ignore.

The Season 2 premiere, called “Waiting for Dutch,” does away with the Lorne Malvos and Lester Nygaards of the world, and settles in on a new time, a new crime and a new kingdom

In his continued attempt to flesh out The History of True Crime in the Midwest, series creator Noah Hawley turns the clock back to 1979, several decades before Molly Solverson came anywhere near wearing a Bemidji badge. Read more…

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‘Fargo’ goes ‘Game of Thrones’ all over its Season 2 premiere