If you’ve ever wondered how you’d act in a real-life zombie apocalypse, Zero Latency will let you — happily or unhappily — find out.

The Melbourne-based company have developed a system they’re calling “multiplayer free-roam” virtual reality gaming. I tried it Saturday during the gaming convention PAX Australia, and the results were just what you’d want them to be: Shaky arms, an accelerated heart rate and adrenaline levels that didn’t go down for hours.

“For want of a better way to put it, you’re walking around inside a video game,” Tim Ruse, Zero Latency’s co-director, told me. “It’s a completely new form of entertainment. It’s a physical experience, almost like a theme park ride, but it’s a video game. It’s an interactive experience, but you’re also not using any controller, you’re using your entire body.” Read more…

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Fightings zombies with Zero Latency is virtual reality gaming at its best