Malcolm Reynolds and Han Solo walk into a bar. Who walks out?

Firefly star Nathan “Captain Mal” Fillion thinks for a moment, cracks a wide grin and gamely fires back, “Everybody else.”

That question, delivered by a New York Comic Con attendee, and Fillion’s response is a perfect encapsulation of the lighthearted banter that characterized Saturday’s Firefly Reunion panel. Joss Whedon’s beloved sci-fi/western series has built up an impassioned cult following in the years since its 2002 cancellation.

Though the Browncoats — as Firefly fans are referred to — that packed into the Con’s main stage hall weren’t there to beg for a series revival, given the questions they asked. They just wanted to hear their favorite stars reminisce about the series. And ask about their favorite desserts. Read more…

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‘Firefly’ castmembers reunite to talk Han Solo, getting fat and slacking off