Ford’s the first automaker to test a fully autonomous car at Mcity, the little fake town built just for self-driving vehicles, the company has announced.

Mcity, officially know as the University of Michigan’s Mobility Transformation Center, is a 32-acre faux metropolis made for testing automated and connected vehicle tech. The center opened in July, complete with several miles of two-, three-, and four-lane roads, complete with intersections, traffic signals, and signs.

Ford wants to offer a no-kidding, no-driver-needed autonomous car in five years, and testing at Mcity is clearly part of the technical work it’s doing to get there. Its special Fusions are loaded with cameras, radar, LiDAR, and real-time 3D mapping to see and navigate the world around them, which in this case includes concrete, asphalt, fake brick, and dirt.

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Ford’s Testing Self-Driving Cars In a Tiny Fake Town