If you’ve got a special Star Wars fan in your life this Valentine’s Day—or just hate the fact that flowers eventually die—you’re in luck.

Retailer ThinkGeek completely upped the gift-giving game Friday with the debut of its plush Valentine’s Day bouquets, which include three officially licensed Star Wars-themed versions

For everyone looking to ride the wave of Star Wars frenzy all the way through Feb. 14, there are a few super cute and cuddly options: the Darth Vader and Storm Trooper-themed “I Am Your Flower” bouquet, the R2-D2-lover’s “Beep Boop Bloom” bouquet and finally the variety-pack bouquet featuring all the fan favorites, aptly called the “Blue Harvest (And Red and Green and Black and White and Gold…)Read more…

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Forget flowers, send your Valentine a Star Wars bouquet