Frank Ocean is back at it, messing with our minds and maybe we finally have the new music we’ve all been waiting for. Or maybe it’s just another tease, after that no-show a few weeks ago.

On Thursday night, Ocean’s website began another mysterious livestream, but this time there was actually music playing while someone who looked a lot like Ocean spent time building what looks like a staircase.

Then, Joe Coscarelli of the New York Times tweeted that a “visual album” was being released at midnight Thursday.

And, on cue, a link to a 45-minute video in iTunes called “Endless” went up just shy of midnight on the East Coast. The video is the same footage as the stream on his website. Is this in addition to Boys Don’t Cry or does it replace it? Or is this video simply the film of Frank listening to Boys Don’t Cry which would be the most Frank Ocean move yet? Who knows. Read more…

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Frank Ocean releases visual album ‘Endless’ and the internet freaks out