LOS ANGELES — If there’s anything the Internet can learn from April Fools’ Day, it’s that not all pranks are created equal.

While pranking is — of course — not a new tradition, the rise of social media has tons of us thinking we can pull off a good prank, then rake in the likes (and publicity). Gone are the pre-social media days where shows like Jackass and Punk’d actually did elaborate pranks for fun, not for clicks.

But most prank-stars say that designing the perfect practical joke isn’t easy. In fact, it’s an art, one that takes time to master.

“When we started doing pranks, we stood out because we did edgy, cool stuff,” YouTuber Dennis Roady told Mashable in a recent interview while promoting Lionsgate and Studio71’s Natural Born Pranksters, which comes out on Friday. “No one had done them before, and the pranks still weren’t crossing the line.” Read more…

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From Jessica Lowndes to ‘Natural Born Pranksters,’ online pranking has reached a tipping point