First they heard the click of a gun being loaded inside a closed bathroom, then the passengers, who a few moments later would become heroes, saw a man wielding a machine gun as their high-speed train chugged through France

Spencer Stone, a member of the U.S. Air Force, and his friend Alek Skarlatos, of the U.S. National Guard, immediately looked at each other

“Get him,” Skarlatos, 22, said. And like that, Stone jumped out of his seat, ran about 32 feet, and tackled the gunman, who was also carrying a knife.

Hommage aux #héros américains qui ont neutralisé le tireur du #Thalys dérouté à #Arras #reconnaissance #respect pic.twitter.com/WnBr2i6hrN

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‘Get him’: How four men foiled a bloody French train attack