WowWee is bringing pro-level drone moves down to earth.

The new $79 Lumi, which is now on Indiegogo, can dance, learn choreography and, like drones that cost hundreds more, avoid obstacles on its own.

Designed primarily for indoor use, Lumi is a relatively small drone, but features a surprising number of sensors. There are at least four in the base so it can see the world around it and the floor below

The concept, WowWee execs told Mashable, is to provide “accessible flight,” and some fun

At the heart of the quadcopter is its ability to play games with users and with other Lumi drones. The product will also ship with a beacon that you can place on the floor and have Lumi stabilize directly over it. You can also pick up the beacon and Lumi will follow wherever it goes Read more…

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Get ready for a drone you can play games with