The kitchen is the most important room in your house. Obvious, right? It’s where we cook, it’s where we hang out, it’s where the coffee and booze are. “Kitchen stuff” can be hard to gift, though. Apparently no one thinks a blender is a good Christmas gift. (We respectfully disagree, and we will gladly accept your re-gifted Vitamix, thank you in advance.) So think of these mostly as stocking-stuffers and one-offs. They’re not huge stainless-steel appliances, or total kitchen overhauls. They’re little things that make everything better. They don’t require a master’s degree in chemistry or engineering, and they don’t cost a million dollars or come with two burly men to install them.

They just make cooking more fun, your food more delicious, your cleanup a little easier. And then there are a few things that may be a little more expensive, but you can bet anyone who unwraps them will think of you every time they use them. And hey, if not? Take it back. You’ll love it.


Gift Guide: 24 Excellent Yet Cheap Things for the Kitchen