During war, sometimes it’s the smallest people who can make the biggest difference.

That’s the case in Girl in the Blue Coat by author and journalist Monica Hesse.

Girl in the Blue Coat follows Hanneke, a black marketeer in 1943 who delivers illicit goods like coffee, cigarettes and chocolate to wealthy customers in Nazi-occupied Amsterdam. One day ,Hanneke is shocked by a request: find a missing Jewish teenager who was hiding in the pantry of a customer and has now vanished without a trace

This task quickly sucks Hanneke into a web of mystery and danger as she navigates a world thrown into chaos while trying to find the missing teen before soldiers do. Part historical fiction and part thriller, Girl in the Blue Coat is the nail-biting mystery you need to keep your eyes on this spring. Read more…

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‘Girl in the Blue Coat’: Exclusive first look at a nail-biting mystery novel