Warning: This post contains spoilers.

Meredith promised one thing at the start of Grey’s Anatomy‘s season premiere: “You’re about to find out that everything has changed.”

But, in the end, that couldn’t be further from the truth. At least when it comes to Grey’s Anatomy as a whole. The show returned with an episode that sent a powerful message: The Grey’s Anatomy you love hasn’t changed a bit

The hour — the start of the show’s 12th (!) season — had all the makings of a classic episode: a powerful patient storyline (this one about two lesbian teens who struggled to gain the acceptance of their bigot parents, who were the kind we like to hope are rarer than they probably are), a return to a more established arc (Bailey’s quest to be chief), and reminder that an in-transition Meredith Grey is still trying to figure out her future Read more…

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‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season premiere was a powerful return