The message posted to a Pinterest page allegedly associated with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.


Did the massive data dump of LinkedIn accounts last month also include Mark Zuckerberg?

Ourmine, a hacker group with 41,000 followers on Twitter, claimed Sunday to have compromised the Facebook CEO’s Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter accounts. Zuckerberg’s verified Twitter account appears normal at this writing, but Engadget posted images showing it defaced.

In a Tweet, the group bragged about the alleged hacks and invited Zuckerberg to contact the group.

A similar message was left on a Pinterest account allegedly associated with Zuckerberg.

On May 18, LinkedIn said that more than 100 million members’ email and password combinations hacked during a 2012 data breach had just been posted online. In the same breach, hackers stole and publicly released a separate set of 6.5 million encrypted passwords that year.

Representatives for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn did not immediately respond to requests for comment.


Hackers claim hijack of Mark Zuckerberg's social-networking accounts – CNET