A regular basketball isn’t cool. You know what’s cool? The Wilson X Connected Basketball, which features an embedded sensor that lets you gamify your shooting practice

When you connect the basketball to its companion Wilson X app via Bluetooth, in conjunction with the ball’s embedded sensor module, the app can track whether you made — or missed — a shot

wilson x connected basketball

The location of the Wilson X sensor is cleverly concealed. Most won’t notice that it’s an interactive ball

Image: Mashable, Adario Strange

“The ball predicts whether it is made or missed and is 97% accurate at doing so,” Bob Thurman, VP of digital at Wilson, told Mashable. The company used machine learning to “yield smart algorithms around the pattern of accelerations a ball sees when it impacts rim, backboard and net. We then classified these acceleration patterns as a make or miss.” Read more…

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He shoots, he scores! (And he checks the connected app to see how he did)