LONDON — Ever looked at Superman and wondered about his mildly flimsy disguise?

Because it’s just a pair of glasses at the end of the day, isn’t it? The guy flies around saving the world and then pops on a pair of specs and suddenly no-one knows who he is. Sort of a gaping plot hole, right?

Well, maybe not. To prove to “doubters” that the disguise holds up, Henry Cavill — a.k.a. Superman himself — shared the following video of himself in New York.

To be fair, if Superman can walk around a packed Times Square in a damn Superman T-shirt, sans glasses AND while standing in front of gigantic blown-up posters of himself without getting mobbed by fans, then maybe Cavill’s got a point after all. Read more…

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Henry Cavill shuts down Superman disguise doubters in 1 Instagram post