Airbnb is waging a battle against New York state, and it wants its hosts to join.

To that end, the room rental company held a one-day event in Manhattan for hosts, complete with powerful politicians, workshops and a healthy range of refreshments.

On the menu, acai bowls (literally) and Kool-Aid (figuratively).

“It feels like they want us to drink the Kool-Aid,” said Jenny, a longtime Brooklyn Airbnb host in her 60s, who declined to give her last name. With her blue-gray hair and Frida Kahlo tank, she was unlikely to buy it.

Airbnb’s event this past Saturday was billed as its first-ever “host day,” filled with practical tips on how to design your home for guests, represent your neighborhood and check in guests seamlessly. Read more…

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Here’s how Airbnb is trying to convince its hosts to join its fight against New York state