After a whirlwind week in which Radiohead wiped their social media channels and released two new songs—“Burn the Witch” and “Daydreaming”—today the band finally released their long-awaited ninth album, A Moon Shaped Pool. But now that the album is finally here, a new question has arisen: How can we listen to it?

The album is currently available for purchase from online here. It’s also available for purchase from iTunes, and available to stream via Apple Music. Radiohead’s website is also offering pre-orders for a CD version of the album that will ship on June 17 and a special edition vinyl/digital/etc. release that will ship in September.

Beyond A Moon Shaped Pool’s release, those looking for a throwback (read: non-streaming and pre-A Moon Shaped Pool) Radiohead experience will soon get their wish, too. XL Recordings, which previously released the band’s In Rainbows and The King of Limbs, will be putting out the band’s entire back catalog on vinyl on May 20.


Here’s How to Listen to Radiohead’s New Album