Sex sells, even when you’re The Muppets. This is a show starring a bunch of humans with their hands jammed into the asses of anthropomorphized puppets, after all.

Even so, there’s been some uproar over the sexy situations the Muppets of 2015 have found themselves wrapped up in lately.

We as a species helped 50 Shades of Grey earn $500 million at the box office — but when it comes to puppet-on-puppet (or puppet-on-people) relations, everyone’s all “oh HELL no.” What gives?

Before we continue, a refresher: Kermit and Miss Piggy “announced” that they had broken up during the press tour lead-in to the premiere of The Muppets on ABC. The longtime couple’s split was the subject of national news coverage — to the chagrin of stuffed shirts everywhere — and it spilled over into the series’ first episode, which introduced a porcine new love interest for Kermit named Denise. The pilot also included a subplot about Fozzie Bear meeting his human girlfriend’s parents, with predictably awkward results. Read more…

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Hey, everybody: Stop freaking out about the Muppets having sex