“Parabiosis,” noun — anatomical and physiological union of two organisms; often completed for experimental purposes; can share common circulation of blood.

The title of Homeland’s sixth episode calls to mind the joining of several unconnected pieces of Season 5 plot, along with the shaky reunion of Carrie and Saul — not much by way of physical proximity, or professional like-mindedness. Rather, a reunion driven by the one thread that wasn’t snipped between these two tense, former colleagues: belief in one another.

After swooping Saul via cab outside his hotel, Carrie downloads him on recent events (and why she’s wearing that dubious brown wig) — the Russians have been trying to kill her ever since the CIA docs were hacked and leaked, and their first attempt was at the Syrian refugee camp. Carrie has gathered that the Russians don’t want her to see what’s in those CIA documents, and if they can’t stop her from accessing the docs, they’ll extinguish her instead. Read more…

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‘Homeland’ Episode 6: Better call Saul