By Laura Vitto2014-08-28 16:21:08 UTC

We have a new contender for worst first pitch ever.

Rapper 50 Cent has held the not-so-coveted title since his amazingly awful first pitch at a Mets game in late May. Now, an unassuming Houston Astros fan is poised to take his position.

The fan dunked the terrible first pitch at a game on Tuesday night before receiving a comforting hug from Orbit, the Astros’ mascot.

It’s OK, poor, uncoordinated fan. We’d probably crack under the pressure, too.

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  6. Baseball_vintage-11
  7. Baseball_vintage-1
  8. Baseball_vintage-22
  9. Baseball_vintage-10
  10. Baseball_vintage-19
  11. Baseball_vintage-14
  12. Baseball_vintage-13
  13. Baseball_vintage-7
  14. Baseball_vintage-17
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  16. Baseball_vintage-26
  17. Baseball_vintage-9
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  19. Baseball_vintage-15
  20. Baseball_vintage-2
  21. Baseball_vintage-21
  22. Baseball_vintage-25
  23. Baseball_vintage-18
  24. Baseball_vintage-3
  25. Baseball_vintage-27
  26. Baseball_vintage-28
  27. Baseball_vintage-8

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