This story contains spoilers for the plot of The Martian.

Andy Weir may not have many regrets about his bestselling book The Martian, especially given that it opens as a Ridley Scott-directed, Matt Damon-starring, space-science-boosting movie later this week

But if he had to write the whole thing over again, the author told Mashable at a preview screening of the movie Monday that he’d include some of the Mars-based science that has emerged in recent years, including that whole liquid water thing

Given that liquid water is present on the red planet in small and extremely salty amounts, however, the water would not be used to help hydrate or feed Mark Watney, the botanist who becomes trapped on Mars. Watney would still have to painstakingly make his own water, as he does in the book and the movie, via the explosively dangerous act of setting fire to hydrazine Read more…

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