Rio’s divers have been plunging into murky green water for several days now, as pool officials struggle to deal with algae, pH levels and other things you’d normally expect pool officials to have a handle on.

Amid the jokes and the explanations, though, how has it been for the actual athletes? And how does the color of the water affect their performance?

Several divers have spoken out about the conditions, with some saying it’s been a hindrance and others insisting it has helped.

Canada’s Meaghan Benfeito, for example, told reporters “it’s not the same color as the sky so that was really on our side today.” Team GB’s Tonia Couch, however, said it prevented her from seeing her partner Lois Toulson. “It looked worse because the sun went in. I couldn’t see Lois when I went underneath,” she said after the pair came fifth in the 10 meter synchronized event on Tuesday. Read more…

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