Warning: This post contains spoilers.

The first season of ABC’s How to Get Away with Murder kicked off with a classic whodunit, revolving around the murder of a character we thought was in it for the long haul

As the season came to a close, the story evolved into a ok-she-did-it-but-who-dun-this-other-thing-and-that-new-thing-too

Entering into Season 2, the show didn’t bother turning the death of Rebecca — a shocking moment from the Season 1 closer — into the mystery of the current season.

That question was solved about 45 minutes into the season premiere. (More on that shortly.) Instead, the show introduced a much bigger question just about 15 minutes later: Who shot (stabbed?) Annalise Keating? Read more…

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‘How to Get Away with Murder’ just introduced the latest mystery