When Brian Elton asked his 4-year-old twin daughters what kind of cake they wanted for their birthday, he was probably not expecting their reply to be “a Princess Hulk cake” — but that’s exactly what happened.

Elton and his wife, being fantastic parents, didn’t let the non-existence of such a character stop them from creating the very cake their daughters wished for.

Voilà: a Princess Hulk birthday cake!


Image: Imgur, NobodyLikesASmartAss

According to Elton, he is a “Proud Poppa:”

My twin daughters asked for a Hulk Princess Cake for their birthday and my wife made it happen Proud Poppa here.

— Brian Elton (@_b_ri_) September 15, 2015 Read more…

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‘Hulk Princess’ birthday cake wins twins’ hearts