Prince George is 2-years-old and third in line of succession to the British throne. I am 23-years-old and live in a three-person apartment with two windows in Brooklyn.

Suffice it to say, even with my 21-year head start, George’s life is objectively better than mine. So, when Mashable gave me the opportunity to live a week in Prince George’s shoes — to dissect what it was like to be a royal and, more specifically, a royal baby — I jumped at the chance.

Anyone who’s paying attention can see that there’s just something about Prince George that draws people to him. Sure, maybe it’s the royalty thing. Maybe it’s his accent, which I’ve never heard but is probably pretty cool. I’d like to think there’s something else, though; something more. An undefined George Factor, if you will. And I was determined to figure out what it was. Read more…

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I’m 23 and dressed as royal baby Prince George for a week