As I watch the World Series this year, I am overjoyed with how much of what I love about the game has been on display this postseason — crackling pitching, clutch hitting, old rivalries adding new chapters, and new rivalries being born

These aren’t the bloated slugfests of the steroid era — it’s classic baseball, full of high-stakes matchups and keen managerial strategies equal to any era I’ve witnessed. In so many ways, my baseball cup runneth over — except in one key sense I feel empty

I miss Yogi

I miss him for all the reasons everyone misses him: his class, the sense that he played the game right, the joy he brought to the ballpark … and life more generally. In the obituaries, we were reminded that there was so much more to the man, such as his harrowing military service in World War II. But I miss him for another very personal reason: He was a catcher Read more…

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In praise of catchers. And Dad.