Saturday Night Live actor Kyle Mooney lives pretty much like a few New York 30-somethings you probably know — in a sparsely furnished walk-up apartment decorated with a few select movie posters.

It’s inside here, however, that lies a treasure that has no price tag. To him, anyway

On eBay, the hundreds of VHS tapes he’s amassed over years of careful collection probably go for a few bucks each, if that. Together, though, they make up not only an impressive ode to family cinema of the ’80s and ’90s but a tribute to his youth. Priceless memories

“Generally, I’m attracted to videos that hit me some way nostalgically.” says Mooney, who doesn’t know exactly how many tapes are in his collection but knows only that they’re very heavy and inconvenient to relocate when you move from Los Angeles to New York City Read more…

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Inside ‘SNL’ actor Kyle Mooney’s impressive VHS collection