Stealing is wrong, plain and simple. What Josh Ostrovsky, aka “The Fat Jew,” did was wrong.

As journalists — and mind you I am no perfect journalist — our general edict is that when someone has written something and you quote from it, citing the original author is often enough to make what you’ve done acceptable.

For a long while, Ostrovsky took other people’s jokes or commentary and shared them across the web without attribution. He fessed up and apologized.

“I’m not necessarily a comedian, I’m a curator,” Ostrovsky told me.

We sat down for a long interview a few weeks ago for a conversation that was part of a new video series called “Drinking With Dan.” It was intended to be mostly just a fun interlude for us both. I asked him directly about the accusations people were hurling at both his work and the work of Elliot Tebele and Elie Ballas, the duo behind the popular Instagram account @fuckjerry. Read more…

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It’s time to forgive The Fat Jew and move on