Blue Origin has done it again, literally. founder Jeff Bezos’ private spaceflight company managed to launch and then land its New Shepard suborbital rocket during a test flight Friday. This marks the second launch and landing of this same rocket — the first was in November.

This most recent landing shows that the system — designed to eventually take paying customers to the edge of space — is, indeed, reusable, according to Bezos.

The New Shepard rocket and capsule made it to about 63 miles, 101.7 kilometers, above the company’s West Texas facility before coming in for a soft landing on the planet, Blue Origin said. That means that this rocket has made it to or above the “Karman Line” — the unofficial line that marks the start of space at 100 km above Earth — twice. Read more…

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Jeff Bezos-backed company launches then lands its rocket… again