In the wake of Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux’s surprise wedding, candid-as-ever Howard Stern has stepped forth to clear the air about the details of the ceremony — in a way that only Howard Stern can

In addition to revealing that Jimmy Kimmel officiated the ceremony, Stern also took to his Sirius XM radio show on Monday morning to clear up rumors about who was there (Ellen Degeneres), who wasn’t (Robert Downey, Jr.), and how he tried to pimp Whitney Cummings out to Orlando Bloom

Despite the secrecy surrounding the ceremony (Aniston had reportedly disguised it as a birthday bash for Theroux), Stern says he was in on the hush-hush from the beginning — especially because Theroux had asked him to prepare a speech, which Stern was “f*cking miserable” about. Read more…

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Jimmy Kimmel officiated Jennifer Aniston’s wedding, says Howard Stern