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Jonathan Franzen — America’s Next Top Curmudgeon and the celebrated author of novels including The Corrections, Freedom, and the upcoming Puritytells The Guardian that once upon a time, he thought about adopting an “Iraqi war orphan.” Not because he wanted a child — but because he just doesn’t understand kids these days.


The full quote:

Franzen said he was in his late 40s at the time with a thriving career and a good relationship but he felt angry with the younger generation. “Oh, it was insane, the idea that Kathy [his partner] and I were going to adopt an Iraqi war orphan. The whole idea lasted maybe six weeks.”

He added: “One of the things that had put me in mind of adoption was a sense of alienation from the younger generation. They seemed politically not the way they should be as young people. I thought people were supposed to be idealistic and angry. And they seemed kind of cynical and not very angry. At least not in any way that was accessible to me.” Read more…

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Jonathan Franzen wanted to adopt an Iraqi orphan to better understand the young