Editor’s note: Guys, seriously, you saw that headline and didn’t think “this probably contains spoilers?” What is wrong with you? Only read this after you’ve seen the movie, obviously.

Just as Daisy Ridley is the breakout star of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, her character Rey is the breakout star of Star Wars fandom. In part, that’s because of Ridley’s perfect performance, which really makes you believe a desert-planet orphan could have that much untapped Force within her

But in large part, that’s because Rey delivers a hefty dollop of something Star Wars has always thrived on: mystery. At the beginning of the movie, you’re wondering who this intriguing scavenger is. At the exact midpoint, you’re floored by her strange, terrible and all-too-real lightsaber vision. And at the end, you’re led to think: Wait, is she …? Read more…

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