It looks like LG is too excited about its 2016 lineup to leave any of it as a surprise for Mobile World Congress. The company, having already showed off a new cover for the yet-unveiled G5, on Monday released details on two new midrange phones it’ll debut in Barcelona at MWC.

The first, the X Cam, features dual cameras on the rear, which LG says will “deliver the most advanced camera experience in a mass-tier smartphone.” That’s basically all we know for now as LG did not say what features having dual cameras will provide. Rumour is that Apple’s iPhone 7 could support optical zoom, a function that requires two cameras and allows for greater capture detail and more accurate zooming, which could also be a possibility for the X Cam.

Meanwhile, like the LG V10, the X Screen will feature an “always-on” second 1.76-inch screen that sits above the phone’s 4.9-inch display. The always-on screen, which shows users the time, battery status of the phone and notifications, is similar to what has been teased for the LG G5, the South Korean electronics giant’s next flagship device.

Both phones are set for markets in Asia, Europe and Latin America next month, with no word of a US launch. The X Cam and X Screen will debut officially on February 21 in Barcelona during Mobile World Congress 2016. We’ll be on the ground so check back then for more videos, photos and analysis.

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LG announces new X Cam and X Screen phones ahead of MWC – CNET