The Canon PowerShot G7X, which includes an LCD that flips 180 degrees, packs a relatively large 1-inch CMOS sensor.

By Pete Pachal2014-09-15 08:04:35 -0400

You can’t help but notice the selfie influence in Canon‘s new PowerShot cameras. While they feature some pretty cool tech — including a huge f/1.8 aperture — the purpose of rear LCD that can flip a full 180 degrees is clear.

On the Canon PowerShot G7X, the selfie-empowering LCD is just a bonus feature in the versatile point-and-shoot. Canon considers it a “premium compact” camera (high-end point-and-shoots are the only ones doing well these days) and equips it with a 1-inch CMOS sensor — definitely on the large side for the category.

The G7X includes Canon’s most recent image processor, the DIGIC6, and it can capture images up to 20.2 megapixels. It can maintain a large aperture even when the 4.2x zoom is engaged, ranging from f/2.8 for telephoto shots and maxing out at f/1.8 for wide-angle. The autofocus has an impressive 31 focus points.

Extras include built-in Wi-Fi and NFC, a star mode that can capture star trails and the brilliant night sky, and a macro mode that lets you get as close as 2 inches away from your subject. The G7X will be available in October for $699.

Canon PowerShot N2

Canon’s PowerShot N2 is all about selfies, and you can now take pics just by touching the focus ring around the lens.

Image: Canon

If selfies were a bonus in the G7X, they’re the raison d’être of the PowerShot N2. As the name suggests, this is a sequel to the PowerShot N, aimed at selfie shutterbugs and YouTube personalities. And yes, a 180-degree LCD features prominently.

Last time you could snap pics just by touching the screen; this time, all you need to touch is the focus ring around the lens. There’s also a creative mode that can assemble multiple video files to cut together a movie in “unexpected” ways.

This skinny N2 can capture 1080p video at 30 frames per second and still at 16.1 megapixels. It features the same DIGIC6 image processor as the G7X and some Canon DSLRs. It’ll be available in December for $299.

Canon SX60HS Superzoom

Canon’s SX60HS is a “superzoom” camera, able to magnify subjects up to 65x.

Image: Mashable, Christina Ascani

Finally, the Canon SX60HS is a $549 “superzoom” point-and-shoot camera, which can magnify subjects up to 65x. Impressively, it can maintain an f/6.5 aperture at maximum zoom, and it features a Zoom Frame Assist, which will keep track of a subject you’re tracking, zooming out when it moves out of the frame, then back in instantly when you touch the screen. It’s coming in October.

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