Until recently, there was reason to believe that giraffes were largely silent creatures. After all, we’ve heard dogs bark, lions roar, and pigs oink, but aside from the occasional snort, giraffes had never had sound ascribed to them — until now

A new study from the University of Vienna has revealed that giraffes actually hum to each other through the night

After reviewing almost 1,000 hours of sound recordings from three European zoos, Dr. Angela Stöger picked up on an unusual humming sound coming from the giraffe enclosures at all three of the zoos at night

Giraffes have been thought to be relatively quiet animals because of how physically difficult it is for sound to travel up their long necks. While some have suggested that giraffes may make noise in infrasonic sounds that are too low for humans ears, the humming that Dr. Stöger picked up were just high enough for humans to hear Read more…

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Listen to giraffes humming to each other through the night