Forget celebrities — little girls should throw out every first pitch from now on

Take, for example, Hailey Dawson, the 5-year-old girl who used her badass robotic hand to throw out the ceremonial first pitch at an Orioles game on Monday night. According to MASN, Dawson was born with Poland Syndrome, which results in missing or underdeveloped chest muscles. This can also manifest in hand abnormalities, including fused or shortened fingers.

After Dawson’s mother tried 3D printing a prosthetic hand for Hailey with mixed results, she turned to engineering students at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas for guidance. The students put their minds together to design a 3D-printed functional hand that provides Hailey with more mobility, like the ability to grip and release objects. Read more…

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Little girl with badass robotic hand throws out a first pitch