Later this morning, Google will unveil its new line of hardware: Google Home, Daydream VR, and two new Google-branded high-end smartphones made entirely in-house.

You can watch live video of the event right here on WIRED starting at 9am PDT/12pm EDT. But you should of course also join us for our liveblog. That’s right, even though there’s live video stream, we’re also going have a liveblog. Why, you ask? Because we love liveblogs!

Also (real talk), a liveblog gives us the opportunity to provide insight and context to whatever’s happening on the live video stream. A liveblog can tell you what the most interesting part of the announcement is, or which features we think will make the biggest difference for you, the consumer. It’s an opportunity for us to cut through the PR hype and tell you what the real meat of the story is. That’s what liveblogs are for, and we love doing them. It’s also a great second-screen experience to go along with the big show.

Our liveblog will kick off right here one hour before the event starts. If you’re on the west coast, check back here around 8am. On the east coast, check this URL at around 11am. You’ll be able to read commentary from senior writers David Pierce and Brian Barrett, as well as products editor Michael Calore.

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Liveblog: Google’s 2016 Hardware Event