Microsoft is delivering an early Christmas present to gamers and enterprise customers in the form of a blockbuster Windows 10 update — just a few months after Windows 10 officially launched.

The update, which was announced in a Windows Blog post on Thursday, should come as no surprise. Microsoft now regularly updates Windows 10 and even beta-tests updates in the open, for those customers willing to put up with unfinished software just so they can experience new features before everyone else.

Many of the new features serve customers at two opposite ends of the Windows 10 spectrumXbox One owners will finally get their long-promised backward compatibility for all those Xbox 360 games they have gathering dust on their shelves. They’ll also get a new user experience, though Microsoft EVP Terry Myerson promised that “There will be no start button.” Nor will anyone’s Xbox One background be replaced with the newest Windows logo — even though the gaming console is Windows 10 underneath. Read more…

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Major Windows 10 update brings Xbox One 360 support and enterprise gifts