Once upon a time, March Madness elevated actual hoops (imagine that!) above bloated TV specials, billion-dollar stunts or even office bracket pools.

This post is a safe space to temporarily consider the NCAA Tournament as it once was: a place to watch and appreciate college basketball for the glorious sport it can be.

What follows is a March Madness preview, and a viewing guide to boot. Find our picks for the best game in each time slot, as well as which games to flip the channel to if you get bored.

Thursday and Friday offer about 12 hours of basketball apiece (bless up!) as the field-of-64 gets halved by Saturday. It’s helpful to think of the 32 games that tip off Thursday and Friday being scheduled into four sessions each day, which makes everything relatively simple to keep track of. Read more…

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March Madness preview: The games to watch, and when to watch them