LONDON — The late Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was advised in 1985 to try to soften her image as the public thought she was “hectoring, strident and bossy,” newly released historic documents show.

Her chief press secretary, Bernard Ingham, laid out her strengths and weaknesses in a five-page memo. He urged her to show compassion toward the unfortunate, but also praised her for being a “decisive, strong-minded person.”

Other papers released from 1985 detail how Labour MP Robert Kilroy-Silk tried to punch now Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn in a “scuffle” in the House of Commons. Corbyn told the Guardian this year that Kilroy-Silk was angry because Corbyn had argued against expelling hard-left members from the party, and that he “walked off” from the fight. Read more…

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Margaret Thatcher was told to soften her ‘bossy’ image