Truth Be Told isn’t afraid to tackle the tough issues — a white guy mistaking a black guy for a valet, a Chinese hostess faking a Chinese accent so her restaurant’s food seems more authentic, whether it’s appropriate for a 4-year-old to use anatomically correct terms for her own genitalia. It’s the edgiest comedy of 1985.

It’s also uniformly awful — the writing, the pacing, the stench of desperation that clings to each of its weak stabs at relevancy. Even the disembodied voices tittering in the background seem underwhelmed by this lame material; long stretches of Truth are eerily similar to those uncanny videos that erase The Big Bang Theory‘s laugh track, revealing the hacky setup-punchlines that lie beneath. Read more…

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Mark-Paul Gosselaar’s ‘Truth Be Told’ is the edgiest comedy of 1985