Elizabeth Warren has been in the senate for not quite four years, but she’s got a long list of credentials.

She is a fist-pumping rabble-rouser who knows how to work a crowd into shouts of approval. She’s also an academic, and one of the foremost U.S. experts on bankruptcy and consumer protection. She’s a woman who used to vote Republican but is now a hero of left-leaning Democrats, and who has stood up to President Barack Obama and attacked Wall Street.

And now she’s Hillary Clinton’s not-so-secret weapon against Donald Trump.

What’s Warren’s background?

Prior to entering politics, Warren was a Harvard University law professor. She also taught at the University of Texas, the University of Michigan, the University of Pennsylvania and other schools. Before her work in academia, and before obtaining her law degree at Rutgers University, she received her undergraduate degree in speech pathology from the University of Houston. She was the first member of her immediate family to graduate from college. Warren worked with children with disabilities in public schools before shifting her focus to the law. Read more…

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